Recycle Your Empty Inkjet Cartridges and Laser Cartridges with Cash4Cartridges Tennessee!

Located in the heart of East Tennessee, we offer our local customers the most convenient, easiest, and most profitable inkjet and laser cartridge recycling program. This program can also serve as a great fundraiser for your school or church. Stop throwing away or mailing back your empty cartridges and start recycling with Cash4Cartridges Tennessee.
We will turn your trash into cash!


We are running a special 15% increase!! All INKJETS that we receive from an existing customer will be worth an additional
15% more to you by simply sending this COUPON (it is in PDF format) to a friend, acquaintance, or colleague that can
also benefit from our services. When they call for a pick-up and have this COUPON with your name, it earns 15% on your
next pick-up! The best part is now they will become a customer and can send this coupon out to get their 15%.

At Cash4Cartridges Tennessee, we:

  • Recycle waste, thereby improving our environment

  • Save you money by buying your empty inkjet, laser, and fax printer cartridges

  • Support leading charities and raise funds for other worthy causes
  • Demonstrate the financial and environmental benefits of recycling empty cartridges
  • Save you money when you order your OEM or Recycled Cartridges from us

Are you outside of East Tennessee and want to sell your empty inkjet cartridges or laser cartridges? Recycle them at Cash4Cartridges USA.

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